MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - Vampires, witches, and werewolves are in Milledgeville. Cast and crew members are filming a supernatural television series at Central State Hospital this week.
CSH is being used as a location for an episode of "The Originals."
"We're excited to have this activity on the campus," Mike Couch with the Central State Hospital Redevelopment Authority said.
Couch says that activity is bringing life back to Central State. The hospital is set to close in June. Couch is looking for different ways to revitalize the campus.
"This is such a unique place and the opportunities presented by the real estate cover a gauntlet of different opportunities," Couch told 41NBC. "This was an opportunity we seized and this fits really nicely into the overall master plan we're working on right now."
Milledgeville Mayor Richard Bentley agrees.
"This is just the start, from my view, of good things to come," Bentley said.
Even though the authority's mission is to renovate as many buildings as possible, Bentley believes the hospital's future in film is looking bright.
"We feel there is enough acreage out here and enough old buildings that we'll be able to still have film production, even though we're trying to occupy some of these buildings," Bentley said.
Central State is a perfect backdrop for Hollywood. The old buildings and the quiet atmosphere make a great sound stage. Couch hopes this film project will be the first of many.
"We want to start marketing this campus as a film ready site and bring some of the industry into Milledgeville," Couch said.
This marks the hospital's first major film production. Couch adds it is also boosting the local economy. More than a hundred cast and crew members are in Milledgeville for the week and they are spending their money at local restaurants, hotels, and shops.