MILLEDGEVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) - The city of Milledgeville is on a mission to get people off of four wheels and on to two.

Local leaders submitted an application to make the community more bicycle friendly.

After leaving his first job, Benny Watson had no idea he'd turn his hobby for working on bicycles into his second career.

Now his world is surrounded by spokes, brake pads, wheels, and custom seats.

He rides his bike constantly, even to and from work.

"Ride through town, out of town, around town," Watson said, while working on an old, rusty bike.

Benny's love for popping wheelies, is just one story Milledgeville Mayor Richard Bentley and city council have been looking at, to move forward to make the city more bicycle friendly.

"The ultimate goal is to promote better living through being active," Bentley said.

City officials submitted an application to "The League of American Bicyclists" to see where the streets of the Antebellum Capital stand in terms of their bicycle preparedness.

"We have an ambitious plan actually for about a 9 mile trail," Bentley said.

From that, they'll be able to determine what it would take to create the road work and signage needed to make the community more bicycle accessible.

"You asked what it takes, money comes into play at that point," Bentley said.

And a lot of it.

Bentley thinks a partnership between the colleges in the city, the downtown development authority, the local government, and grants should cover the cost, and be a great selling point for the city.

"A recent prospect asked if we were a bicycle community, so that's something that we could certainly use," he said.

And while Mayor Bentley admits it's been a long time he's been on a bike....

"It's great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors and exercise at the same time and become more active, and you can do that regardless of age," Bentley said.

Once you learn, you never forget.

Bentley expects to hear back from the Bike League by the beginning of the summer. He says he has plans for future projects around the city to cater to bike riders needs.