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Milly's Best Book Nooks

I am a known bookworm. The feeling of being absorbed in a good story is unlike any other. One moment, it is 10 p.m. and I open a book to read a few pages before I go to bed. The next moment, it’s 4…

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Rain, Rain, You Can Stay

Within this transitional period between seasons comes an uncertainty in the weather we experience in Milledgeville from a day to day basis. However, this varying meteorological dynamic should not…

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Dog Days in Milly

What’s better on a sunny day then spending a little time outdoors, soaking up the rays, getting some rest and relaxation? I’m glad you asked. The only thing that can make such a sweet day even sweeter…

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Coffee Crazed

The month of March is known as National Caffeine Awareness Month. For some, this may mean lowering their caffeine intake. For coffee-addicted human beings like myself, this means drinking even more of…

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