• Hotels
    Hospitality and southern style can be found in Milledgeville from quaint Bed & Breakfast Inns to over 600 hotel rooms as well as spacious camp grounds. Whether you would like to meander on a white-columned porch while sipping a glass of ice tea or experience comfortable, inviting accommodations with just the right amount of amenities we have everything you need!More info
  • Attractions
    Beneath the sun-dripped shade of towering oaks, Milledgeville still beckons travelers with impressive architecture, historic venues, a glistening lake, and an authentic arboretum. Stroll through our perfectly charming downtown, or take a trolley ride! Amongst the grand Antebellum homes lining the streets of Milledgeville there exists a wealth of cultural...More info
  • Outdoor Activities
    Outdoor Activities
    Milledgeville has so much more than just historic homes and museums to offer. Rent a boat and tour beautiful Lake Sinclair or enjoy a peaceful afternoon of fishing. If your children are more adventurous, you can take a self-guided tour of Bartram Educational Forest. If the boys just want to be boys, send them off to play a round of golf and the girls can enjoy a...More info
  • Restaurants & Dining
    Restaurants & Dining
    Our charming Mainstreet city offers dining options ranging from country rustic to southern elegance. Whether it is fried chicken or filet mignon, we can accommodate whatever your palate desires! Check out our selection of Milledgeville Georgia Restaurants.More info
  • Trolley Tour
    Trolley Tour
    Milledgeville's Trolley Tour is the best way to take in the town. A drive through the landmark historic district includes rotating visits to the Old State Capitol, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Lockerly Hall, and the Stetson-Sanford House. The trolley tour is available Monday - Friday at 10:00 AM and on Saturday at 11:00 AM. The cost is $12.00 for adults, $10 for seniors...More info

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Our History Our proud history began in 1803, when the state of Georgia searched for a site for its new capital. Because this area offered a central location and ample springs, it was the perfect spot. The planned capital city took shape and was given the name Milledgeville in honor of John Milledge, governor of Georgia (1802-1806) and donor of the land for the University of Georgia. For more than 60 years, we remained the capital during a period of state history that witnessed appearances by many notable figures. Many area homes and structures survived the periodic fires and willful destruction of the War Between the States.
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Meet Milledgeville...Georgia's Antebellum Capital.

Milledgeville, Georgia offers visitors a look into the past, a past that is steeped in a rich history, when Milledgeville was the Antebellum Capital of Georgia.  Visitors can explore historic gems like the Old Governor's Mansion, home to the governors of Georgia from 1838 to 1868, and part of Milledgeville's Museum District or Andalusia, Flannery O'Connors Farm. Milledgeville enjoys a scenic location, southeast of Atlanta and northest of Macon, along the Oconee River.  You can relax and enjoy the slower pace of life in Millegeville, and soak in all of the warm southern hospitality. When planning your visit, be sure to check out our suggested itineraries, as a way to see our city, and you don't want to miss our selection of fine  hotels and mainstreet city restaurants.

For more information, please Request a Visitors Guide or contact us at the Convention and Visitors Bureau via email or 800-653-1804.

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Museum District

Museum District

Museum District

Walk beneath the shadows of the towering oaks though wrought iron gates that lead to magnificently presevered mansions, haunted historic sites and fascinating museums.

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Step on Guides

Step on guides are available through the Convention & Visitors Bureau. Your guide will take you back in time and share the history and trivia of the Old Capitol. You will walk in the footsteps of General Sherman as you move through this Historic City. RATES:$25.00 per hour

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